No press from press in Miles presser

IndyCar held a press conference July 1st, but a softball game broke out. Maybe there were no uniforms or bats, but even seasoned racing journalists certainly didn’t play hard ball with Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles.* Without anyone to challenge his spin, Miles got to paint a pretty picture.
Taking a fan’s perspective, he alleged, Miles claimed that the racing this season has been competitive and compelling, with eight winners in 11 races. Although TV ratings have been “flat” this year, he applauds last year’s 25% growth. He managed to make excuses for poor attendance, insisting that good racing isn’t one of them.

Aero kits have presented “some challenges,” but he reminded everyone why IndyCar “went that path.” It was for technical innovation, to make the cars “look cooler,” and to increase performance. Never mind that the technical innovation is strictly limited, many of the fans have complained about how ugly the cars look, performance has been problematic and there have been supply, cost and set-up issues for the teams.

IndyCar Season Preview – 2015

On a snowy February day, Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles and President of Operations and Competition Derrick Walker faced the media to talk about the upcoming season and recap a few highlights from last year. Calling 2014 “nothing short of fantastic,” Miles says IndyCar’s average TV viewership and average TV rating were up 25% last year, increasing the audience to over one million for the first time in years. Social media metrics were even higher, he claims, although he didn’t provide any solid figures.